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About Ticker Symbols [Index]

**** HINTS: ****

You can get quotes on up to 100 symbols, just put a space between the tickers in the scrolling Ticker Symbol box
Companies with multiple common stocks: Ticker code should contain no separaters Example CAL/B would just be CALB
Prefix option symbols with a '+'(Ex. +OAUGA)
Prefix indexes with a '$', Prefix option indexes with a '+$'
Prefix Canadian Stocks with 'CA.'(Ex CA.MOL/B)

Some ticker symbols are reported in different formats depending on the exchange, type of security,country and the quote service provider. While the primary common stock for a company, called the base or root symbol, is reported consistently, warrants, units, market indexes and multiple commons frequently are not. The table below lists symbol formats for the major US exchanges:

Stocks 1-4 char. root symbol, optional special-issue suffix
(p)referred,(r)rights, (w)hen issued, (u)nits, /1 char. class,
/WS warrants, /WD when dist., /SD special dist.
4 char. root symbol, optional special-condition suffix
A or B class, E delinquent,P preferred,Q bankrupt, (R)ights,
(U)nits, (V) when issued, (W)arrants,(Y)ADR,(Z)misc.
Stock/Index Options 2-3 char. root symbol + 1 char. strike price code + 1 char. expiration month code
Bonds 1-5 char. root symbol, optional suffix
(W)hen issued,(R)egistered,(ZR)Zero-coupon
4 char. root symbol, optional suffix
(F)oreign,(G)1st conv., (H)2nd conv.
Mutual Funds -- 3-4 char. root symbol,
'X' suffix
Money Markets -- 3-4 char. root symbol,
'XX' suffix

Ticker Symbol Changes [Index]

Ticker symbols sometimes are changed, especially on  the NASDAQ, as the companys status changes(restricted, when issued, bankruptcy etc.). We automatically change symbols and retain all historical and company data with the new symbol and then remove the old symbol, since it may eventually be assigned to a different company. If you can't get info on a symbol that you had previously listed, this is most probably what has happened. To help you locate these, you can click on the Recent Ticker Symbol Changes link, which will list the prior two weeks of ticker symbol changes.

Searching by Ticker Symbols [Index]

Ticker symbols that you submit are first matched 'as entered' on ticker symbols, then upshifted and matched against ticker symbols. The symbols for preferreds,warrants,units etc. are often formatted differently depending on the exchange and quote service provider(ie. IBMpA or IBM/PA, AUT/WT or AUTw). For preferred stock symbols, you must enter the symbol in the proper case(Fp,IBMpA etc.).

Searching by Name [Index]

The name search allows you to list all securities matching a portion of a company(s) name. Enter at least the first two characters of the name(case unimportant) and select the security types you want by clicking the appropriate radio button. Up to 170 securities will be returned grouped by the security type (Stocks, Bond, Mutual Funds etc.). We classify Stocks as either 'Primary' (commons, preferred etc.) or 'Associated' - Quids, Mitts, Strypes etc. that are commonly issued by Brokerage/Investment firms. The name search is a good way to find symbols for new issues and when an issue changes ticker symbol or moves to a new exchange.

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