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(NYSE:CCL Last Sale: 14.34 +0)
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NYSE: (CCL : $14.34) (CUK : $12.65) (CUKPF : $38.5963)
$7,684,172 million Market Cap at Market Close, July 1, 2022
Employs 67,000.
Cruise Lines SubIndustry up .00% / Travel & Transportation Industry up .00% Today

3655 NW 87th Avenue Research Report Earnings Snapshot - Last 12/19/18
Miami, FL 33178 Fact Sheet
Phone: (305) 599-2600 Financial Statements
Fax: (305) 471-4700 Peer Comparison
Annual Reports

Micky Arison, Chmn., Arnold W. Donald, CEO, Howard S. Frank, Vice Chmn., Alan Buckelew, COO, David Bernstein, CFO
Sept 5, 2013, agreed to spend $180 million to cut sulfur emissions from 32 ships, bowing to demands by the Environmental Protection Agency to clean up pollution it causes near ports. July 20, 2013, Italian court found 5 guilty of manslaughter over the Costa Concordia shipwreck off Giglio island which killed 32 people in January 2012. The ship's captain, Francesco Schettino, faces trial Sept 23, 2013, after put under house arrest and investigated for manslaughter, abandoning ship and causing a shipwreck. His request for a plea bargain was rejected by the prosecution. Battling lawsuits expected to cost hundreds of millions after the Costa Concordia, owned and operated by Carnival's Costa Crociere unit, with 4,229 people from 60 countries, struck rocks, ripping a hole through its hull January 13, 2012. Dual listed company is the combination of Carnival Corporation (CCL) and Carnival plc (CUK). Operates three separate cruise lines under the names Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line and Windstar Cruises and a tour business, Holland America Westours. Acquired P&O PRINCESS CRUISES PLC (NYSE:POC) April 14, 2003 for 51.2 million shares, issuing 0.3004 CCL per POC.
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Type of Stock Symbol Last Sale Last Close Net +/- % +/- Low High Volume 52wk Low 52wk High Shares(M)
Common CCL $14.34 $14.34 0 .0 $12.75 $14.58 72,605,521 $12.75 $14.58 527,817,680
Common CUK $12.65 $12.65 0 .0 $11.25 $12.75 1,595,804 $11.25 $12.75 9,112,000
Common CUKPF $38.5963 $ 0 $38.5963 $38.5963 542 $36.82 $41.45 0
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*** No Earnings Available***
Common Stock #############
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Split, Dividend and Symbol Change Information
Date Symbol Transaction Dividend Split New Symbol
12-JUN-98 CCL Split 2 for 1
14-DEC-94 CCL Split 2 for 1


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